Wednesday, April 24, 2019


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To avoid the issue that some IP addresses of ISP in Vietnam unable to access subdomain of ​​​`` (such as ``) , here is some simple ways:

1/ Update DNS Server: or or 
(similar to , the Google DNS and used to be good for such bypass, but now somehow it's temporarily blocked as normal DNS, with VNPT ISP afaik)

You might flushDNS cache on your PC, or wait 30 mins -> 3h so that the cache expires and new values are applied.

2/ Use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP
i.e. , not

3/ Use some proxy servers, either web proxy, or the tools such as UltraSurf, HotspotShields, ... to provides the by-pass functionality.

4/ Use some browser extensions (of Chrome/Firefox/Opera), to achieve similar functions as #2 or #3 above , basically. Some browsers like TorBrowser or CocCoc even has built-in mechanism for such.

** Some other work-arounds:

A/ View from Google cache (Bản lưu), if you know the full URL
For example:
-> append the `` prefix
=> become
(or just search Google and click on the "Bản lưu" - "View Cached" of the article)

B/ (Mobile browser) View from Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page), using either:
+ Google AMP Viewer prefix: `` and suffix `/amp/`
(likewise: )

C/ Ask the blog owner to get a top-level domain (such as ) and map it to some subdomain like , or even use that domain name to link record CNAME to the wordpress subdomain).

These ways not only work with blogs subdomain (e.g. blogs of professors TerrenceTao, NgoBaoChau , VuHaVan, DamThanhSon, HaHuyKhoai, TranDinhSu, etc...); but also work with of subdomain ( as well.

(And these tips did work with some other blocks in VN in the past with domains of TwitchTVFacebookTwitter, …etc )